Covid-19 has already started changing our world

Unser heutiger Gastbeitrag zur aktuellen Situation rund um die Coronapandemie kommt von Emma und Michael.

Wir haben uns über  Michaels wunderbar anschaulich und praktisches Reisebuch „To the wild“ kennen gelernt. Dort erzählt er in Tagebuchform über die 100-tägige Reise im südlichen Afrika zusammen mit seiner Familie und gibt dabei detaillierte Einblicke und Vorbereitungstips.

Michael und Emma leben in Kapstadt.

Sie geben einen Einblick in die Situation am Kap und lassen uns an Ihren Gedanken zur aktuellen Situation teilhaben.

Covid-19 has already started changing our world….

in ways that few of us would have ever expected.  Not since WWII have we seen such a coordinated global effort to combat a common enemy, the only difference being that this is a different type of war.  This is definitely not the time to be ignorant and foolhardy, to arrogantly push your own self-serving political agenda or to try and achieve political one-up-man-ship.

This is the time for united, strong leadership.

To underestimate the possible social, political, environmental and economic impact of this virus would be a grave mistake.  This pandemic has the attributes of becoming an unprecedented challenge to the very fabric of our society. A situation that will no doubt display both the very best and the very worst of humanity.

It is time to quickly take on-board the harsh reality lessons already learned and be considerate to our fellow human beings.

By self-isolating and not moving around, the virus can’t move either, and will hopefully eventually die off.  Staying home and applying social distancing is not some terrible inconvenience, but a social necessity. While on that topic, please spare a thought and prayer for those people living in crowded, congested slums. They simply don’t have that option and can’t achieve that social-spacing luxury.

There is so much we still take for granted as we head, out of necessity, into a total lock-down. 

Ironically, in this modern-era of fast-paced lifestyles, global travel, access to instant-information, targets and relentless deadlines, the one thing most people can’t afford is the precious luxury of time. 

Psychologically we need to approach this lock-down situation differently. 

We have in fact been gifted a golden opportunity to use this time of sensible, forced self-isolation. We can reflect wisely on our lives, relationships and over-dependence on things material.  We don’t need to lead choreographed, perfect, social-media-lives, surrounded by expensive things we believe other people possibly desire … we need to lead meaningful lives. 

Rather measure the richness of your life in the special moments you have experienced and savored, like breath-taking sunsets and vibrant fields of sunflowers for example. Life is really only worth living if we truly appreciate the limited time we have as well as the meaningful relationships we have. 

While we all do that for a few glorious weeks our planet gets some much-needed breathing space and the opportunity to recover (ever so slightly) for the first time in our living memory.

Stay home.
Be safe.

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