World first course for online South African snake identification

Some time ago I discovered that there is an online course on the African Snakebite Institute site. For years I had wanted to take part in a course and I was happy about this possibility. Asley Manager from ASI sent me my certificate, after I had passed the exam, I asked her to send me some information. Thanks to Ashley Kemp for the article.

The African Snakebite Institute has just released it’s first online Snake Identification course. This is a world first for snake identification of Southern African snakes. The eight-part course covers groups of snakes that are tricky to identify, frequently encountered and medically important snakes, including sections on common Garden Snakes, The Deadly Dozen, Small Black Snakes, Green snakes and a variety of other snakes that people find difficult to identify.

In depth information, informative imagery and distribution maps are provided for each species.

Together with the free ASI Snakes app, which has reached close on 100 000 downloads, the online course will boost knowledge and awareness of southern African snakes and contribute significantly to their conservation.

The full course curriculum can be viewed here: To download the free ASI Snakes app go to

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